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This is the Top Resident Evil Fan Fictions In My Opinion. There won't be any summarys sadly, because I'm going to be mentioning ALOT of fan-fics. I'm not giving any specific number per user, I'm going on how the story affected me, how much I connected with the character in that one-shot/series, and how good it was. Thanks to some people for reading my Cleon and Valenfield reviews.
If you have not read them, here you go: 
Reviews: Claire and Leon (AKA Cleon) Stories
Reviews: Chris and Jill (AKA Valenfield) Stories

Anywayz, for eighteen years, we have been entertained by the Resident Evil franchise starting from Resident Evil in 1996, to Resident Evil 6 in 2012, I've played the main story (yes, Code: Veronica is part of the story) I've even played some of the side storys like RE: Outbreak 1 & 2, RE:ORC, RE: Revelations etc. 
The story to the game is great, but some people (like me) think some things have to be changed and/or added to the main story. Like I've said in my other reviews, I've read ALOT of fan-fics for Resident Evil, and this is the "Honorable Mentions" I said to butterfly-V
Hope everyone enjoys this Top RE Fan-Fic list!

Please note that this is MY opinion and I'm not speaking for everyone's opinions on the website, it's my opinion and mine alone. 
Also note that NONE of the stories I chose in the other reviews will be in this one.

Honorable Cleon Stories

My Guardian To Love by :iconbutterfly-v:
Vanilla Candles by :iconbutterfly-v:
Leon And Claire Do Shopping  by :iconakira0707:
There Is No Meaning In This Life But Love series by :iconkit2000andanna:
Betrayal series by :iconmetalchic79:
I Will Follow You Into The Dark by :iconxxcherokeerosexx:
 On Nights Like This by :iconzet-sway:
 Someplace A Little More Normal by :iconbeautifulmidnight42:
 Sweet Blindness by :iconkit2000andanna:
 I Will Warm You by :iconkit2000andanna:

Honorable Valenfield Stories

Safe by :icontenshi-no-ame: (This is a different one)
Let Down Your Hair by :iconnightchildmoonchild:
JillxChris Eyes by :icondillyshilly:
Cold by :iconxjillvalentinex:
Know Your Limits by :iconizzy-the-rabbit:
Some Time Together by :iconizzy-the-rabbit:
Valentine by :iconladyshadow-meigua:

Please note that everything after this does not apply to the rules above

Honorable Aeon Stories

Thief by :iconzet-sway:
It's You Who I Desire by :iconlladawongll:
Casualy - Sad Ending by :iconicyashford:


Most HALARIOUS Resident Evil Changes

What Really Went Down ? by :iconcmpunkfan90:
RE: Sniper Cupid Piers Nivans by :iconcapnhannahsolo:

Best Resident Evil Fan Fiction Series 

 Resident Evil Destiny by :iconnightyswolf:

Best Valenfield Series

Nightmares and Dreams by :iconshanttyvf: 

Best Aeon Series

We're Leaving This Place Together by :iconbgshepard:

Best Cleon One-Shot

Promise by :iconfrellingblonde:

Best Aeon One Shot

The Agent And The Butterfly by :iconstars-member0267:

Best Resident Evil Fan-Fic Authors











The Best Cleon Picture

Guardian of Dreams - Happy late Birthday, Sarah! by NightysWolf

The Best Valenfield Picture

ChrisxJill: Rainfall by LoneWolf117

Best Aeon Picture

Aeon: One Morning Left by LoneWolf117

Best Resident Evil Wallpapers

Age of Evil wallpaper by ethaclane


Resident Evil Characters Wallpaper by Yokoylebirisi

Resident Evil 6 Official Wallpaper 3 by ceriselightning
I was going to release this next week, but I couldn't wait any longer. (1 hour Waaaah!) This is the "Honerable Mentions" I said to :iconbutterfly-v:" today on 07/29/14. 
Special thanks to: 











For all of your fan-fics that made it on this list.

Please note that all of the chosen fan-fics are my opinion and my opinion only. :)
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