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Eye Purple by HALO-Infinity
Lips Icon by HALO-Infinity
Anime Icon by HALO-Infinity
Icons for youuuu :D

No Color - 5 :points:

Color - 10 :points:

Color/w/details - 20 :points:
Realistic - 30 :points:
Digital Art
A Gift To RebellionAngel by HALO-Infinity
Jill Valentine by HALO-Infinity
Eye by HALO-Infinity
Claire X Leon for iRahaf by HALO-Infinity
Heather Linearts Colored by HALO-Infinity
HALO-Infinity Pictsweet 300 by HALO-Infinity
1. Please note that I do several types of Digital Art, 

A. Halo-Infinity style
B. Realistic (Be warned that I draw big eyes)
C. XNALara mixed with Photoshop
D. Avatars
E. Redraws
F. Infinity Squad Animations (Check out my YouTube Channel for examples…

2. You may request a cartoonized version or a realistic verson of the Art. 
3. You must give credit to me when using the picture!!
4. Please tell me if you want the Art to be an Avatar, Wallpaper, and/or Base.
Raziel - Soul Reaver 2 Colored (With Video) by HALO-Infinity
Dante And Hela Colored by HALO-Infinity
The Official Look Of Eva Sanso Colored by HALO-Infinity
The Official Look Of Hela Sanso Colored by HALO-Infinity
Leon S Kennedy Colored by HALO-Infinity
Recolor- PaintSAI Before and After by HALO-Infinity
Digital/Traditional is when I take a detailed pencil pic like this:
and color it to look like the colored picture above. 


1. The picture must be in the traditional art catagory.
2. It must be fairly detailed like above pictures,
3. If you use someone elses picture, you must give credit to that person.
4. You must give credit to me when using the picture!!
Line Art
Pictsweet Line Art by HALO-Infinity
Sierra Williams Face 3 Line Art by HALO-Infinity
CupCakes 2 by HALO-Infinity
Lady Line Art by HALO-Infinity
Gaurdian Of Dreams Linart by HALO-Infinity
Line Art is when I take a photographed picture or a drawn picture and turn it into a Line Art like the ones above. 

1. The picture must be in the traditional art, digital art, or photography catagory.
2. If you use someone elses picture, you must give credit to that person.
3. You may request a cartoonized version or a realistic verson of the Line Art. 
4. You must give credit to me when using the picture!!
5. Please tell me if you want the Line Art to be cartoonized or stay realistic.
Traditional Art (Detailed):
The Official Look Of Hela Sanso by HALO-Infinity
The Official Look Of Heather Williams (Mystery) by HALO-Infinity
The Official Look Of Heather Williams002 by HALO-Infinity
Heather Williams And Chris Redfield - Dimensions by HALO-Infinity
Eye Chart by HALO-Infinity
Spyro (Detailed) by HALO-Infinity
Cheep Stuff! It takes a long time to draw these pictures and finish them.
Rules for T.A.D.
1. I only draw from the shoulders or neck up, I don't do full body pictures.
2. I only draw OC's.
3. I don't color the pictures. (See Digital/Traditional)
4. No nude or sexual themed pics
5. Only one character per pic
6. You must give credit to me when using the picture!!
Traditional Art (Colored)
Elven Warrior by HALO-Infinity
Katie (Dress) (Pencil Color) by HALO-Infinity
HALO-Infinity (Pencil Color) by HALO-Infinity
Anime Eye by HALO-Infinity
Blue Eye by HALO-Infinity
This is for those who want a Traditional Colored Art.
1. I draw fullbody pictures, but it's an extra 500 :points: for that.
2. I only draw "Cartoonized" or Anime OC's.
3. No nude or sexually themed pics
4. Only one character per pic
5. You must give credit to me when using the picture!!
Base Art
Sierra And Piers - The Moment by HALO-Infinity
Caroline Smith drawing for BlackJokerLover by HALO-Infinity
Mystery After Edonia (Anime) (Paintbrush) by HALO-Infinity
Sierra (Alone without you) by HALO-Infinity
Sierra Williams Face 4 by HALO-Infinity
Base art is when you hand me a base and I draw your OC or you on it.


1.I do not draw dresses, the base must have a dress already for me to accept it.
2. If you use someone elses base, you must give credit to that person.
3. You must give credit to me when using the picture!! 


Phu tubberk at Dawn by palmbook

This is a beautiful view, the picture is crystal clear and the lighting is just perfect. It's almost as if I was actually standing ther...


HALO-Infinity's Profile Picture
Angels Halo
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hi! I'm HALO-Infinity! I am an artist (duh) and I'd like to show the world my art to see if I'm any good.

Favorite quotes from fanfics:

How ironic was it that the son of Albert Wesker and the daughter of William Birkin were WORKING TOGETHER, and quite possibly falling for each other? He chuckled slightly at that thought. Oh Birkin must be dancing in his grave at the thought about their kids together.

"you know you don't have to be shy around me, I don't mind if you look, just as long as you don't scream, or take advantage of the moment." What I got was; I know I'm sexy, and I'm not afraid to hide my sexy body. I permit you to gaze in aww at my glorious sexy body just as long as you don't act like a virgin and scream. I know that's not what he said, but he's a guy, and typically, when a guy knows he sexy, he's a total ass.

It was had been a couple of couple of months since the events of what happened in China. Soon the plans that he had been coming up with would soon come into play. He would kidnap Chris’s dear sister. Wesker briefly thought about changing his plans and kidnapping Chris’s baby, but since he did not know the first thing about caring for a baby and he could not stand it when they screamed and cried, he would not change his plans. Not to mention that he did not want his office to smell like poopy diapers. Lord have mercy on whoever made him change a diaper.

"Besides, no one is perfect. Well of course, that is except for me."

"I took your sunglasses, and I'll give them back to you if you tell me your address." Chris said, pulling the pair out of his jacket pocket. Wesker's attention immediately snapped to the sunglasses, eyes flashing.

Chris looked up from his work to glare at Wesker, jaw tight with frustration. "Don't worry about it; it's not hypocrite flavor so you wouldn't enjoy it."

"Rooster is an understatement, he's a goddamn alarm clock that is so portable that even if your battery runs out, he'll still ring when the time comes."

"You look all warm and comfy under there. Bear technology."

This isn't over, Chris...this is a vendetta. I WILL AVENGE MR. COMB!!!

Today, I am stronger than I was yesterday. Tomorrow, I will be stronger than I was today.

"Men... thinking they can be the heroes while the women sit back and watch their manly power."

Thankfully he can't melt your clothing away simply by willing it. It's a power both he and Dante would abuse.

Stop doing this to yourself. Because you can do something about this. I know you can. You just need to stop hiding how you really feel. Stop bottling it up. If you want to punch something, then fucking do it. If you want to scream, then scream. If you want to cry, then cry. But please, don’t cut. Nothing is worth harming yourself over... ever.

My favorite quotes from myself:

I will never change who I am, no matter what laws are made, no matter who hates me, I am me, and that is all that matters.

1. Me: Well hello there, Zack
Zack: Hey, Halo
Me: I've been meaning to talk to you about Cloud
Zack *alarmed*: Why, what's wrong?
Me: He's *chokes back laughter* been aweful quiet lately
Me: I think *snickers* he has a thing for you
*Zack gets into battle stance
Me: XD

Before I start, I am going to tell you a short story on how I came to like - LOVE - reader insert stories:
>insert dramatic music please<

Note: I like Dante's stories, but every time I see the line "Getting hot and bothered now?" it kind of ruins it for me, I know it's probably Dante's line, but I really think that the stories could go without the cheesy... wait... oh... whoops.

I can’t say who I love more, Chris or Leon, because they both are the kind of guys I would date, (Personality-wise not look-wise. Look-wise would be Chris, no doubt about it).

I love Cloud for his… well… I don’t know, he just grew on me;

Chris x Reader
Let Me Live by BehindTheMask
Note: GREATEST CHRIS STORY EVER (No offense to anybody :))


Favorite Quotes from other people:

It's the fear we have of losing ourselves to someone else because we've been taught to be afraid of being swallowed whole by a love that could consume we pretend that we want to be free. When that is the last thing we could ever want in the world, but we embrace what we know rather than be extinguished by a passion that could burn us.

Art related:
:iconrequestsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :icongiftsopen:
Tools of the trade:
Photoshop Stamp by mushir EasyPaintToolSAI User Stamp by ClefairyKid Stamp - Microsoft Paint User by porcelian-doll Stamp - Sculptris by fmr0
Who I Am:
:icongiveallamagetallama: A Mouse Artist Stamp by nirman
Gay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupa
Who I Am A Fan Of:
Button - Attack on Titan Fan (Markiplier) by Mark-Buttons
Fan Button: Zack Fair by RoxasXIIIAxelVIII
Rocketjump by Daberuz
VanossGaming stamp by maltron66Markiplier fan button for Autocon8411 by SteffieNeko
Genesis Vs. Sephiroth Round Infinite by RyuMakkuroGenesis Rhapsodos - Stamp 8D by May-RomanceDante Stamp by Captain-AlbertWesker +Resident Evil+ by blazer87
TV Shows
Ghost Hunt Stamp by VFanticeVampire Knight stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzOuran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108
Tamaki Suoh by DogFreak108


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But it can't hurt to try :giggle:

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